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Our company belongs to an economic conglomerate denominated Inversiones Mundial S.A.. The following group of companies makes up our Chemical Business: Intequim in Venezuela, Poliquim in Ecuador, Epoxa in Chile, Andermex in Mexico and Inproquim in Colombia, Novapol and Novaforma in Brazil.

Andercol S.A. offers an extensive product portfolio, and smart solutions to a broad variety of industries in need of a raw material supplier. It reaches a diversity of sectors such as: Construction, Industrial Coatings, Inks, Polyester, Textiles, Adhesives, Foods, Detergents, among many others.

We are recognized as an innovative company which constantly renovates with the support of cutting edge technology. This is how our productive processes are strengthened.

We base our growth on research, our personnel’s development and our deep knowledge of our client’s business.

Our company is committed to principals such as those of:  Social Responsibility, Integral Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Environmentally friendly Production, Respect for our community and generation of trust among the people we serve


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